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Tee shirt

Tee shirt

I had a meeting last week with the GP practice manager who as well as wanting posters for all six surgeries in the practice wants me to do a profile about the changes that the NHS 12 week plan and c25k have made to me in terms of fitness, health & well-being.

Please can the Healthunlocked team send me 3 more posters. They will print some more of Ian's themselves.

Strangely enough a friend sent me a picture of the 'old me' tonight and said

'Anyway my point is it bares v little resemblance to what you look like now! Those pics of you doing the marathon you look amazing - so totally different - I shall have to make a new contact photo for you now!'

She thought it was from a few years ago but it was actually only 16 months.

So with a bit of weight loss & some exercise amazing things can happen even at 59.

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Fantastic photo and amazing results :-)


Can't they just! I'm 56 and turning my life around. More energy now than I had at 21!

Great photo! Well done with the GP's

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Well done!! X


Well done, and it's great to hear you've got a GP practise manager who understands the benefits of engaging with interested patients.


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