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W7 R1

Well yesterday I completed my first run of the week, can't say it was by best as the feet seemed to have a little less go in them than Friday, but still managed to keep on jogging right through.

Must remember not to press any buttons on the mp3 player when jogging as I managed to send it straight back to the start just after passing minute 18... D'oh. Fortunately the route was the same as Fridays so I could retrace my steps for the last few minutes.

Weight is still slowly creeping down which is good.

First 10 mins seem to be the worst, once I move through this however, the old bod seems to be able to move along without too much issue.

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Great stuff Dev! Keep running when you're supposed to, even if you feel like quitting. Get through it at all costs.

Your weight will continue to come off if you are still eating healthily. You will feel so much better by the end of the 9 weeks.

Keep up the good work. You're nearly there!


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