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Thank goodness for C25k

After the horrendous winter, with viruses and no energy - (and thank you to all who replied when I posted moans and groans) I re-wound and went back to W6 which i did twice and then did W6R3 three times . Have been following faithfully now, and am on to W8, and feeling brilliant - I can do it, and I don't feel such a misery anymore. This morning I ran 2 1/2 miles, then swam a kilometre, and then hopped on to my pushbike for a bit more!

I can't believe how much better i feel - thank you for the support x

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Wow another triathlete! Glad it's going well.


Well done ! That's excellent stuff :-) Sounds like you have really got your mojo back with a vengeance ! :-)

Many congratulations, that's some going that is ! :-) xxx


I needn't blush about having the 'graduate' tag any more - i did feel a bit of a cheat.

Thank you to both you and Ullyrunner - it just goes to show how good this forum is. And it is much appreciated!


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