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Run 2 with friend and oh no what I have done

Second run with my friend this morning it was week one run 3 for her. Def got her hooked going out again on Friday. I'm going to try run with her twice a week as it's a 30 mile round trip each time, so need to try keep the costs down also it gives her the chance to run on her own which is important, we covered 2.85km in the 28 minutes so that's including the walks. She found it easier than her first two runs. All good stuff. Loving the chance to sort my posture out on these slower runs, it really is terrible how much I slouch when I run.

And now to the oh no what have I done part.

Also had a breakthrough with my other half. He is overweight but has refused point blank to run with me. It holds no interest to him whatsoever. But I constantly tease him and try to get him to come to races with me. Knowing that he always no. But........... Last night as we were watching the commenwealth games closing ceremony, I'm thinking that it was all the medal talk that has sparked something in him. I found a spartan run online in edinburgh, he loves all things do with this era, so I teased as usual saying 'ooohhh but you could win this prize'

But all of a sudden he took an interest, and somehow..... We only had one glass of wine... .??

Somehow.... We have ended up making a team of 4 (with said friend from today's run and a friend of my other halfs) have all agreed to enter this insane race. If you've not heard of it, google it. I am so scared lol

I am now utterly terrified, we are going to do it next year to give us all a chance to really sort our fitness out.

Eeekkkkkkk !!!!!!!!! I've created a load of monsters.....

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Excellent. I have signed up for a Spartan Super next year and my kids are going to do Spartan Junior. I still feel a bit daunted every time I think about it, but I think with a solid training programme it is very doable. I have already learned to loathe burpees, though.


The sprint scares me let alone the super lol. When are you doing it, I will try to remember to watch out for your post. Do you have a training programme for it ? My other half read somewhere something about you can sign up for a days safety course for it think we may do that.

Ours won't be until September next year so we have a full year to sort ourselves out. We will most certainly be last and and an 'interesting' looking group to say the least I must try get a group photo of us to give everyone a laugh :-)


Wow, good result from all the teasing. Good for all four of you. I look forward to read all about the training :)


You're racking up the c25k numbers at great speed - well done!

I know one person who has definitely started the programme and a handful of others who have shown a keen interest but not sure if they've taken it up.

Good luck to you and your crew with the race training :-) x


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