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Well after hoovering around the posts I finally started this week. R1 was a complete killer! Together with my amateur running, earphones falling out, realising how badly I need pockets, not having planned my run route, staying out of sight from people and trying to breathe hard and fast! I must say I was definitely glad to have finished it.

Today R2 - a lot more organised! Got my sports earphones, knew where to run etc. But still just as hard.

Which week would you say does it starts to become 'easier'?

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Well done! You've done the hardest part and that was starting this programme.

I assume you've got some decent running shoes?

Maybe you need to slow down a bit when running?


The first few runs were the hardest for me no question, I was like you - struggling with my breathing and worrying everyone was staring at me, and I just felt awkward. After a few weeks it felt normal, not so awkward, and realised not many people even noticed I was there - runners are so common place they don't register for most people. So much of this running lark is in the head, once you feel easier in yourself it is easier to do.

The breathing I would say was a lot better by week 5, lung capacity actually improves with use so each run you do is helping. Try to slow your breathing, slow and deep rather than hard and fast. Best wishes and let us know how you are getting on. :-)


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