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Fitbit vs MyFitnessPal

I've recently discovered that it's not a good idea to link your Fitbit to MyFitnessPal as it throws out all the Fitbit data. I first noticed this when my Very Active Minutes weren't accurate and was even sent a new one before they told me that it was because they were showing up on MFP (which I hardly use any more as I'm at my goal weight). I've just gone through my Activities on Fitbit deleting all the MFP figures and at last I have a total mileage for the year since I've had my Fitbit, 2,890 miles, where it didn't show any before because they were all showing as from MFP.

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Technology - it is such a pain when different devices won't talk to each other or in your case decide to delete the others information. That's a shame you lost your data. I had to delete MFP from my phone as it was taking up too much space and slowing the whole thing down. However your discovery might save someone else having a similar problem.


I haven't lost my data as it's all on Fitbit, thank heavens. :)


My Fitbit and My Fitness Pal play nice together thank goodness! Sorry you have trouble with yours misbehaving! :)


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