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W6R3 completed....yaaay :-)

Well I did it, and even had a little left at the end. Thought I was going to have to stop at one point due to a bit of a pain in the lower left calf, but battle on and it seemed to work itself through towards the end. Feeling it a bit now but I was surprised that I still had a little bit in reserve when Laura asks us to pick it up a bit at the end.

With a day or so's break it's on to week 7 run 1. Never thought I would get this far and am amazed that I have been able to complete all the runs. Weather today was wet but that was better than the scorching sun we have had. Just have to keep on plodding..!

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Oh yes, keep on plodding it would be churlish not to after all the effort you've put in so far...


We knew you could do it! Well done. Have a lovely rest day. Rest up if possible so you're ready for the next run


I'm with you. I hate running in the heat but love the rain! You've done so well, just make sure you don't ignore the calf pain. Did you stretch and ice it?


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