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4 day weekend

Oh the bliss of a four day weekend. I love my job (as an eating disorder clinician) but I love not being at work more. So, what better way to start my weekend but to go out for a morning run/walk session.

The humidity level was high this morning, so my lungs were playing up a little. Unfortunately, I also experienced a very familiar twinging in my left calf. I stretched thoroughly when I got home, and used the foam roller. It now feels like I strained it yet again. I'll still run again on Sunday though. I can be very bloody minded when I want to be!

Happy Friday everyone :-)

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You're right KK, it is interesting, but stressful and exhausting too, which is why this 4 day weekend was so needed x


That's ok KK, you can ask me anything.

People think about food when they're hungry (or sometimes bored or stressed). It's natural to think about food a lot of the time, after all, it's not that long since our ancestors were hunter-gatherers who spent their entire lives working on the next meal. Anorexics are obsessed with the stuff because they're hungry all the time, they'll spend hours cooking for other people. We refer to cookery programmes and recipe books as anorexic porn! :-O


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