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The hip saga. A happy ending?

Have just been to see my GP with sore hip. He pulled, pushed, twisted and prodded and informed me...

1) It is definitely not a stress fracture.

2) It is in the wrong place to be bursitis.

3) He would advise rest in an ideal world, but as I don't want to, he would advise running and painkillers because he's confident that I won't do any more damage by running on it and it'll probably go away anyway.

4) He thinks it is my bum muscle, not any sort of scary joint thing.

I am really chuffed. :)

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I'm really pleased for you :-)

It must be a relief to know you can run again. I hope it doesn't cause you too much discomfort and gets better quickly


Good stuff. Get running then. Soon as you like! Whaddaya waiting for. Go!

Have fun!


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