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Couch to 5K
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Week 1 Run 1

I'm a newbie. There. I said it, and I feel good :)

I "ran" a Parkrun two weekends ago, and although I amazed myself by doing it in under 36 minutes, I was absolutely wrecked in the thighs for 5 days afterwards - lol.

I play hockey, but in defence, so don't do any consistent amount of running, I'm also 43, and 4 stone overweight.

So I thought even though I completed the Parkrun with stages of walking, it would make sense to have a go at doing it properly, so I remembered C25K which I had heard about a long time ago.

I downloaded the podcasts so set out after work this evening. I had my last splurge on my meal this evening, treating myself to a final kebab for a while so not the best preparation, eh ?

Anyway, I'm pleased to report that I completed the run, I tried to find a place where I could be alone, but pretty much failed being as it is a warm evening, and ended up using the edge of a park and some street getting a mix of tarmac and grass.

By the 6th cycle I was beginning to feel tired, but strangely the last one seemed almost the easiest of the lot.

We'll see how my body reacts to that one tomorrow :)

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Welcome to this amazing programme, you're going to love it. Just trust Laura and enjoy yourself


From your starting point, you will walk it.......if you know what I mean. As for post run aches, try these stretches. nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... They help realign your muscles and reduce the risk of injury and should become part of your post run routine. Good luck and keep us posted with your progress.

Welcome to the forum.


Hello Ratcliffe (waves)

I'm a newbie too. I'm doing W3R2 tomorrow but only just started posting today.

I will look forward to your progress :)



Welcome - quite an achievement to be able to do 5K. Look forward to seeing how you get on Good Luck


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