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Getting back to it! Hurrah!

Having been ill with a chest infection and general lurgy I had not been able to run for nearly five weeks. For the last two I have been doing 30 min sessions 3 times a week on the cross trainer - based on the fact that if I became unwell or had a coughing fit I was in the spare bedroom not on a country lane. But I had lost my confidence too about managing to run.

However, after a bit of head gremlin fighting I got my shoes on this morning and actually managed 28 mins (I had been doing week 8 for several weeks due to injury etc before being ill and wasn't sure I would manage it but decided if I aimed for where I had last been I could always do less if I couldn't manage) BUT I did manage it!!! Can't believe it! I added a wee hill which was almost too much so I think on Wednesday I will do a flatter route.

I really want to do week 9 next week. Realising that really all that is stopping me is me and the gremlins in my head - sometimes they take some fighting.

Thanks for all your posts on here as they kept me from giving up entirely.

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You must be delighted :D I'd be really proud of that after such a break, you will definitely have helped yourself by keeping up the cardio at home before you could get back out running.

I'm sure you can take on week 9 now, two more minutes is nothing compared to how far you've come :) Good luck and let us know how you go on.


Thanks em - I was totally surprised - and it was hot too! Think I'll do week 8 this week and head for week 9 next. I like to plan! Thanks for the encouragement.


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