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I've just I need help!

This morning I did my first run after graduating and without the podcasts and boy, was it a struggle! I hadn't been tracking my distance throughout the programme so was curious to see if I was actually running 5k...I was pleasantly surprised that I managed 5k in 32mins on a day when I felt completely rubbish!

I'm going to download the 5k+ podcasts and see if these keep me motivated, as well as actually being able to listen to my own music now. Does anyone have any tips on staying motivated after C25k? I want to start taking part in parkruns but wasn't sure if I was quite there yet.

Now, here is my biggest problem...I'm moving next weekend!! I'm moving from Milton Keynes (where I have a lovely quiet run along the canal) to Hendon (NW London). I don't know the area that well but I really want to find somewhere I can run outside still so I don't have to resort to a treadmill, but very conscious that it may be difficult to find somewere safe to do so. I don't mind if it's a tube or bus journey away - any suggestions for local parks, routes or gyms are very welcome!

Also, I downloaded the Run the Map app for Windows phone this morning in order to track my run and was very happy with how simple and effective it was...and it didn't eat up my phone data!

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We have plenty of London based runners on here

Motivation has never been a problem for me, I just love running now, never having run before in my entire life. I can't see myself ever stopping to be honest. If you want to run you will but if not you won't. It's all in your hands

I hope you stick with it as the rewards are so great


You just have to find what you enjoy, then it's easy to keep going. Running is an excellent way to discover and explore your new neighbourhood. Parts of Hendon are pretty leafy aren't they?

Ps you haven't got your shiny graduate badge yet!


Well done with your 5k time, that's great! I find if I mix things up a bit with the running it keeps me motivated. I try and do a long, slow run once a week (if its not too hot), maybe a shorter run with a couple of hills and I do a parkrun on a Saturday. I love parkrun and would certainly recommend it, you are indeed ready for that! Check out your local one once you move. x :-)


It is hard to know what to do after graduation. I found this and used WEEK 9 poddy's for a couple of weeks, then moved on to my own music playlist, then onto weird and wonderful podcasts like "Gardeners question time" and Radio 4 comedy. After a while ANYTHING playing in my ears became irritating and I decided to GO NAKED! Yeah baby! No music, nothing in my ears when I'm running.

By this stage I'd been running for the 9 weeks of c25K then about 4 or 5 post graduation. I'd gone past the "magic 12 weeks" which is how long it takes the brain to accept something as "the norm". Now I run three times per week, one of which will be a long one (10K or 12K), always run without music as I love the time it gives me to think and I would be most grumpy if I couldn't run. It makes me feel so damned fantastic.

I live in London and have only passed through Hendon a few times. You'll be fine running around the streets if that floats your boat and if not, then I'm sure there are plenty of parks around - Hendon Park, Sunny Hill Park, Copthall playing fields.

Good luck to you!


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