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Round 11, Hungary ... tick :-)


Good morning everyone and hope you're all super fine and dandy on this lovely Sunday morning :-)

What a day ahead for sporty fans - Commonwealth marathons, last day of le Tour (sob sob, so going to miss it), F1 and associated motorsports in Hungary, probably other events too ..... i admit i have some sofa-surfing with the TV planned for today so was up and at it bright and early to run my Magyar Nagydij track! It's pretty short so i took the lovely Laura and her Stamina podcast with me thinking i might be able to manage the speed ... very delighted to say i was round the last corner and back over the finish line before the last two of her 5 minute runs and the walk at the end!

Also, just for the record, on Friday night, with Prodigal Son riding alongside, i ran EIGHT kms ... that was with Laura's Speed podcast, i love that one. I did have a stop in the middle which is why i'm not blowing a fanfare on my trumpet about running EIGHT kms ... some criminal building developer had put a FENCE across the coastal path, totally blocking the way - this caused a lot of foot stamping and swearing and general fury plus a ginooooormous diversion - it was never supposed to be EIGHT kms!

Happy Sunday peeps ... still trying to catch up with all your adventures :-) :-) :-)

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Great route, well done. I love your F1 runs :)

BoPeep9009Graduate in reply to beforefifty

Morning BF50 :-) Sorry sorry, but thank you!!! I love them too .... wait til Spa tho, it's SOOOOO far! Happily i didn't build the elevations into my rule book! Great race again, don't you think? :-)


Well done on your 8K,BP, intended or otherwise! That's brilliant going; bet you've not stopped smiling all day long at that, though how naughty of the miscreant developer to stick that fence there!

Love your route, by the way; you really are so creative with these! That one is the best so far, I think; love the little car :D

Well done; love to hear about your running adventures! :-)

BoPeep9009Graduate in reply to Miles_Yonder

Helloooo M_Y!

Thank you :-) It's a long way, isn't it! Very slow but very chuffed am i! Yeah, honestly how ridiculous! It's a coastal path - the millionaires' mansions don't need those one or two or three measly metres as well as the beautiful cove they're taking over!!! :-(

Hee heee thanks again :-) I am enjoying myself with them tho i do NOT like running on Sunday mornings in brilliant bright sunshine! My own fault, i wrote the rules "route must be run on race day before the lights go out on track" (real track) .... you like my little pink Fiat 500? ..... i'd LOVE a real one :-) Glad you approve of my mapping btw :-) it's a bit tricky to be honest - one of the tracks coming up has a tunnel ........

Cool Runnings to you, no, Cool Restings now, you're off to York @ the weekend so no more running for you til you zip around there .... in case i don't get back online i wish you all the very best for a super dooper day out and a fab race :-) :-) :-)

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