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Getting A Grip!

Having run a half marathon in September last year, my running mojo has deserted me a bit. i have still been running 5k x 3 a week, but with little enthusiasm. My friend entered her first 10k race last month, and joined her and was pleased to manage to complete it in 1hour 5mins, which wasn't too bad as I didn't do much training at all. Now I need to get a grip and sort myself out. I gave myself a real talking to yesterday and spurred on by thoughts of our fantastic triathletes (they are superhuman!) decided today would be the day! I dropped my son at work at 5am and, instead of crawling back to bed, I put the running kit on and was off out. It was lovely at that time of day. Relatively cool and no sun to worry about. My aim was 10k (6.24 miles). With Runkeeper playing up, there was a bit of educated guesswork going on. Runkeeper told me I had done 6.57 miles. When I checked this on Google Earth it was actually 6.95 - I'm calling that 7 miles! I plodded at my own pace, and didn't break any speed records, but I am more than happy with the distance. It feels good when it all goes right! Maybe, just maybe, the mojo is back!

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well done you, 7miles that is amazing, wish i could reach that distance. I tend to plod on doing 3mile x 3 times a week. Trying to find the time for longer runs is difficult due to other commitments in life. Maybe next year when i have retired i will be able to start increasing my distances. Once again well done you!!!


Wow that's an amazing achievement, it sound like your mojo has returned after all.

Best wishes to you for keeping up your momentum, happy running.


Running mojo definitely back in place by the sound of it.The triathletes were amazing and inspirational weren't they?


Well done you :) Especially in this weather, I haven't felt like running anywhere much.

I hope this is a sign of things to come for you x


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