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up off the injury sofa!!!!!

I attempted my first outside run today since injuring my left knee and hey i managed 5k with no problems. So relieved as i feel i can get back into my running routine now. I took the run real slow and gentle, no hills and only small inclines, as i believe i damaged my knee at the beginning of the month when i ran over the fields near where i live and there are several hills to climb and of course the descent the other side, which is where i think i did the damage. Although i ran the 5k my time was 4mins 30secs slower than the fatal run at the start of the month. I am not worried about that though i am just relieved i am back in the game!!!!

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Fabulous to hear you've left the injury couch and returned, and in such a successful way. Well done and best of luck to you.


So pleased to hear your knee is recovered. Look after it well. Happy running :)


Glad to hear you are back up and running.


Yay! Welcome back! Glad it's gone well for you :)

I'm always really wary of running down hill because it can cause injuries. Apparently it's best to try and keen your legs as much under your body as possible as this keeps your weight distributed normally :)

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