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W9r3 gulp!

Well gang tomorrow is graduation day. Non stop jogging (4.0) round Venice on me iFit treadmill.

I am so thrilled to be able to write this - I actually look forward to the runs! How or when that happened I don't know.

I remember watching Laura's intro when I first wanted to do this and then saw her set off & I thought yeah sure love. But sure as er sugar - bring it baby.

Will let you know how I get on


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Well done on getting to the end, well nearly to the end. Good luck for tomorrow!!!!


Thank you so much flower



It's funny how this running lark creeps up on you isn't it, I hate it, but I just love it a little bit more!

Good Luck for tomorrow, I'm sure you don't need it :) No cheating and hopping on a Gondola x


Well done, enjoy your graduation's such a fab achievement. Let us know how you go.


That last tag is amazing! Well done :)


Good luck, you're almost there :)


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