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W9R2 Done at Last

Been really slow with this heat and not been venturing out to run. But went out 9ish this morning, 21 outside and sunny so came back a sweating mess. Laura gave up on me for some reason, was well into my route when I realised I really should be running, so went onto my own playlist and timed the run myself. When I say I went onto my playlist though, I mean I went onto BoogieWonderland on loop - not even on my playlist (I blame my husband!). Didn't want to stop to sort it out so prodded my iPod in desperation and did get a brief glimpse of Take That, before Boogie came back on. Have no idea how far I ran, I ventured off road onto what I thought would be shady footpaths - footpaths they were but not shady. Anyway I just about did 30 mins, was barely putting one foot in front of the other at the end, sat in the garden with a wine cooler on each arm and a massive glass of water before I could contemplate showering Now ready for the day so let it begin.

Does really slow running really count to the 30 mins? I'm sure I was walking faster once I stopped 'running'.

One run left, maybe I'll get that in on Monday or Tuesday if the break in the weather does in fact come.

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Of cours sit counts! Well done - not easy in this heat. I'm intrigued by the wine coolers though?


Ully - the wine coolers are those silver things you put in the freezer and pop around a bottle of wine to keep it chilled. Fit nicely on the forearms like giant bracelets and lovely and cold.


Well done it is pretty brutal out there again today. Absolutely slow running counts. Many find the speed comes after graduation the important thing is you did it and you have one run left. Nearly there and you'll look back in wonder at your great acheivement. Happy graduation run next week.


well done in this heat - I have to run early morning or I melt. Slow running most definitely counts!

good luck for your graduating run


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