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Does Laura fight with the map my run lady?

So, got up from my adequate but uninspiring bed in a travelodge and found a riverside path for week 6 run 2. I wanted to know how slow my running pace actually is so I started the mapmyrun workout after the warm up when starting the first ten minute run. Time went on and on, three songs went by and then the map my run lady told me I had run a kilometre in 8minutes 53 seconds. When I checked on the c25k app it said I had only been running four minutes! I made sure laura was selected and ran for another 6 minutes but I think this might account for the weird way some of my runs seem interminable, maybe the two apps are at loggerheads. I didn't have a watch to check it with but I believe the mapmyrun lady because of the progress of my music tracks. Anyone else find this?

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I never used the C25k app, I downloaded the podcasts and never had any problems with them, I also used them along side MapMyRun without any worries. Having said that I am now using the ISmoothRun app.....I know you have to pay a few pounds for it, but I think it's monthly fees, just a one off payment.....and don't need a watch.

Happy running.

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Yes. MapMyRun seems to override Laura. I had exactly the same problems from W5. My daughter also found the same.


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