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Still out of action

Haven't posted for a while been a bit down in the dumps haven't been able to run since an injury in March which after many weeks of investigation turned out to be a tibial stress fracture, have just finished my course of physio including ultrasound treatment and nothing has improved have now been told I have to wait and see the dr again on 15th August. So frustrated!

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Sending you a virtual hug. Is there anything else you could do like swimming or cycling to help you keep fit while you wait?


Oh that's such a shame. How frustrating for you, especially when things don't appear to be getting better. I hope things turn around soon and that maybe you can work out something else to do while you are off the running.


Oh dear Juski, that's such rotten luck! I feel so sorry that you can't be running but you have to grin and bear it and just get well. August is not so far away now chuck so hang in there. I hope you can do some form of exercise as Tanyag says as it will keep you from climbing the walls til you wait for the doc to give you the all clear

In the meantime you can keep in touch with us C25kers !


Poor you. I know how you feel. I've been out of action since May. It's horrible isn't it? How far did you get before you got the injury? As others have said, try and do other forms of exercise so you will be as fit as you can when you can start running again.


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