Couch to 5K
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Old enough to know better...and hobbling like I'm elderly to prove it :(

I think I might have found the stupidest (and possibly most amusing) route to the injury couch, as follows:-

1) Attend Next sale with soon-to-be husband and dad in desperate search for shirt and tie for impending wedding.

2) Begin to descend escalator into bowels of shop. Look down. See that it is a seething, impenetrable mass of sweaty bargain-clutching bodies. See also that it is the childrenswear department, and therefore highly unlikely to contain the required items for a grown up man.

3) Seized by panic, decide that you must turn around and escape immediately. Think "I'm a runner now. I can handle this."

4) Run up the down escalator, with your dad, aged 27 and 56, respectively. Shriek with laughter.

5) Leap off awkwardly at the top. Remember why you stopped doing this as a child - it is monstrously precarious.

6) Wake up next day feeling as though your sciatic nerve has been put through a shredder and replaced in your hip along with a quantity of ground glass, and a red hot poker.

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Oh, THAT is a top way to injure yourself, and I take my hat off to you for it.


On no! Injured and not even running! Mind you, i wish I could have seen it ;) Hope you recover quickly.


Oh, I was runnning alright! Not a planned run, but my goodness the last step is hard work! :) Thanks all for joining in the hilarity. Feel like laughing at the whole ridiculous thing is definitely the best coping strategy :)


Oops ! Hope it won't affect your ability to get up the aisle !!


Ouch! Oh dear this did make me laugh but hope you're ok soon. Take care :)


Ow ouch! But it does make a good story!


Dafty! I hope you're feeling a bit better now

You can order online til 11.00 pm and get a delivery the following morning. No need for unseemly scrummages with sweaty shoppers.


Haha, thanks all. We did find the shirt (lovely, actually) elsewhere, so that's ok, and I am feeling much more normal this morning. Hoping it was a body-protest of the short-but-intense variety.


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