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Almost ... But not quite

Well that isn't quite true, I did my first 10k this morning in High Wycombe and finished in 64.17 which I am very pleased with given the circumstances. Having Graduated back in April I had high hopes of a trouble free step up to 10k but it was not to be. A persistent calf strain had me averaging only two runs a week for the past month, and most of them for less that 30 minutes, my target had slipped from under an hour to finishing in front of the Half Marathon winner whose time last year was about 1.07! Realistically though, I was expecting the calf to give up about half way and anything inside 1.15 would be a success. By returning to the C25k principle of running and walking (15/2) I nearly made it. At half way, although the calf was sore it was holding up and I was beginning to think that I might get close to my original target. Then, about 200 metres from the end the telltale pain started. Within a few strides it was impossible to run and I was forced to limp home in front of all the spectators who were very supportive. So I did it although disappointed that I was so close after such a difficult preparation. What I now believe is that next year I will be able to get well under 60 minutes so rehab starts tomorrow (thankfully our daughter is a Physiotherapy student) and despite the pain I am feeling very positive. What's more, if I can keep going until 2019 I might even be fast enough to win the prize for the first finisher over 70!!

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Congratulations on finishing Plus8. 10k is a long long way, especially when you've been carrying an injury for so long. Personally, I'd be delighted with your time, even if I wasn't injured, so good for you. How clever of you to have a physiotherapy student daughter -every runners' dream! :)


Under 1:05 and it's a "not quite" in the title?? Tsk Tsk!

I'm a few decades younger than you and if I can get close to that time next week I'll be ecstatic! You should be VERY proud of yourself - overcoming injury and then posting a time like that... WOW... just WOW!

Well done! Bask in the glow of that achievement all week - you smashed it!


Nothing wrong with that time. Not much faster myself and I think you have a few years on me! Well done, I say!!!!


That time is a great time also running in HW - must have been hilly as well !!! So that is fab - congratulations and be proud that is a fantastic run!


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