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WK9 Run 2

I managed run 1 last sunday but have not been able to get out and run since then as it has been far toooo manic. I went out today and did about 12 minutes and my breathing went all funny. I sat down for less than a minute but it calmed down and I got back up and carried on. Not 10 minutes later I fell over. I got back up and carried on! I in the end ran for just over 32 minutes! I have a scrage on my hand and a very grazed knee :( but I did it!! One more more run!!!! Whoop!!!!

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Well that was eventful! Well done for keeping going - I'm not sure I would have!


Don't go too fast will you? No need to. Just a slow jog is all that's required. No heroics, no dramas, just slow and steady. In this heat we need to take care

So, nagging over, well done Lou! The end is in sight. Ooooooerrrrrrrrrrrr. I bet you feel dead excited. Don't leave it too long will you before you do run 3! Pick a time when it's cool or cooler.

Good luck. We'll be there for you at the finish line a-whoopin and a-hollerin. Yeah, I know we're dead embarrassing!


Thank you all x I think I did overdo it I was covering a hill as fast as I do a flat. I have to be honest though I am so very slow ! I think the fall was just a misjudgement of the kerb. I was nearly 2km from home to it seemed like the only thing to do. I am running a 5K for my last run regardless of how long it takes! I am going to pick a cooler time though x


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