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Sore Knee

I am about to start W8R1 tomorrow but my right knee is really sore. I had this problem when I first started C25K then it seemed to get a bit better. However this week it has returned and even sorer than before but the strange thing is its not really that painful when I'm running!!!!! I don't know whether to persevere and continue running or whether to try to rest it for a wee while = Really want to finish this programme and absolutely gutted that this has happened when I'm nearly at the finishing line.....Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I would suggest resting it until it feels better. I ran on a niggly knee, and it got much worse which meant I had to stay off running for longer. I have a stepper at home which gives me a workout but has no knee impact, and I find I can do that when the knee is bad, and it means I still get some exercise and the knee is still moving without being stressed any more.


I rested mine for a couple of days but decided to try and see if I could run it off. I could! I think it might just be runners knee and that it will get better on its own as you get stronger.

I'm not a doctor obviously (whoever heard of a Doctor Wobble!) so you have to use your own judgement. I realised that to support my running I had to get fitter and stronger so started doing exercises for my knees and ankles and I got myself some exercise DVD's. They're working and my running and stamina are improving.

I hope you'll soon be feeling better and back out there. Let us know how you get on


Please please please take care of your knees. I'm completely crocked at the moment and waiting to see a physio. No one particular thing that caused it, just a repeated cycle of run, knee niggle, rest, run ..... and so on. Just take care :(


I'm going to try my run tomorrow and see how my knee is -took some ibuprofen and it seems to be a lot better - I'm wondering if its got anything to do with running for longer now and I also had a 2 week break a fortnight ago as I was on holiday. I finished on week 5 before my hol and went straight to week 6 when I returned


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