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Week 2 Bugger!

Well ran week one runs 1 and 2 OK thanks for the support everyone. W1R3 didn't get done "life in the way" W2R1 big pain in calves so stopped and walked to complete. Noticed also after shower nail on big to broken, so rather than do the sensible think and cut it, I ripped it off, not only the broken bit but half the nail as well. What a prune! Can hardly walk without big toe hurting now. So took up cycle again and did 6 miles, the longest I've ridden in nearly 3 years. Got to say felt fantastic. hopefully toe OK for Monday so back to W1R1 again. Been recording on Endomondo fantastic for motivation.

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Sounds like you're taking things a bit fast. If you can't do a run because life gets in the way, don't miss it - you don't need to stick to 'weeks'. I prefer to think of them as 'stages' - I'm only running twice a week as I have dodgy knees and they need plenty of rest in between runs, so I just do what I can and if I don't feel ready to step up to the next stage I repeat the current stage until I do. It also sounds as though you need a better fitting pair of running shoes. If you carry on like this, you'll lose heart and give up, so when your toe is better, start again from scratch with a new pair of shoes. Nag over!

I've just progressed to Stage 4, and the slowly slowly approach now appears to be working for me. I thought with my knee problems I was going to have to give up, but you just have to work with the body you've got and take it easy. As everyone else on this forum says, Laura will look after you and not ask you to do anything you're not capable of if you just follow the programme and repeat if necessary.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice - shoes do seem a bit tight so yes new shoes and socks for me!


As useitorloseit says don't miss any runs, unless you are easily capable of completing them. Best to stick to the brilliantly structured plan and slowly build your stamina and body. I considered missing some runs at the beginning, but quashed my arrogance and decided that the people who devised the plan knew more about running than I did. They do. C25k really works and will have you running 30 minutes non stop in just a few weeks, increasing the demands at a sensible pace, so that you avoid injuring yourself, which is the quickest way to demotivate yourself.

These stretches, done after a run are also the best way to reduce the muscle aches and reduce the risk of injury.

If you are buying new shoes consider going to a proper running shop where they can give you a gait analysis and advise on the best type of shoe for you. It is free in most shops and can help you avoid buying unsuitable footwear.

Good luck with your runs. You won't regret doing this for a minute.


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