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Race for life - what a difference a year makes

I think I posted a few weeks ago about the difference between now and last year when I first started this programme. Last year I did the C25K to get through a Race for Life which I just about finished puffing and panting walking/running in 50 minutes - nearly fainting and feeling as if my lungs were on fire. This year I did the same one in 44 minutes (although my friend and I argued that it was more like 42 minutes as we didn't cross the start line for ages after the elite runners - we were with the joggers). And... I wasn't out of breath, we skipped some of the way (honestly) and then sprinted at the end. However, we did get a free ice cream half way along and stopped to walk to eat that ...

So thank you to this programme - it really does work.

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Great post. Just goes to show what a difference a year makes. Like the fact you stopped for ice cream. Made me smile. Running is all about feeling good and getting fitter. Ice cream and running together sounds perfect.


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