Listen to the sounds!!

Well, after trying to mix up my running I've been going out without my ipod......hubby has come out on his bike with me a couple of times so left it at home so that we could talk. Went for my run yesterday and left the ipod at home. Had a lovely run along the river, beautiful morning in the sun. I actually jogged past a field and thought " blimey, I can hear cows in that field".....never knew until today that there were cows as I couldn't hear anything! Wonder what else I've been missing! Also, I've found that my breathing seems to be a bit more controlled without music-anyone else experienced this?

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I usually prefer having music becuase it sets my pace more comfortably (i have a playlist at my "standard" level) and it drowns out any comments from cars or whatever!

But at Parkrun I am headphones free and it does feel good once i get used to it!


Totally agree. I ditched the earphones in winter for safety reasons and haven't used them since. Looking around at the scenery and listening to the birds/sheep/cows etc. is a good distraction from the pain!


I love running with music because it keeps me going but I don't usually do it because I've watched too many scary movies in my youth and I think someone is going to jump out of the bushes! But I agree with you about the breathing. Without the ear phones you can actually hear yourself!


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