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Just had the best run ever W8R3 was it the long break between runs?

Haven't been out since Monday due to illness and I've just had the best run. I'll be honest I almost didn't go because I'm still blocked up with cold but decided to give it a go. Set off and settled into it really quickly and I just plodded on listening to my music. Next thing I knew laura popped up to tell me it was half way. Normally I'm counting the mins down but not tonight. The run just seemed easier and smoother. Was it the long break? Or was it because I went out with no expectations because I half expected to come home due to not being 100%? If every run was like that I can see why people love running.

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Sorry to hear your not well, I have found this week running with a cold not the best idea I have ever had so resting was a wise decision. Only three runs until graduation!!


Ooh sounds a lovely run. Just one of those things where everything clicked into place.


Great stuff Lolli! It's great when things come together isn't it. I think sometimes we despair that it will ever happen but it's great when it does. Whether we can replicate it at will is doubtful but at least you did it at this point, cos it's pivotal! It takes you nicely into Week 9. You are well set up now, head in the right place, attitude and enthusiasm right up there so good luck for your final 3 runs.

Take your time!!!!!! Slow jogging is all you need, no going at it hammer and tongs, we want you to finish this in one piece.

Right get out there and nail it. If needs be run in the cooler parts of the day to make life easier for you

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A combination of both I'd say.

Glad it went well - you're in a good place now. Take the last few runs nice and steady and you'll be fine. And you'll begin enjoy this running lark!

Well done for getting this far :-)


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