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Sore knee - RICE

Have a niggle in my left knee, mainly due to incorrect kick doing breast sroke, but had a bit of a niggle this morning running. Did wear a tube bandage for support. Question is if I apply an ice pack is there any timescale for keeping it on knee. Used an icepack this morning after run for about 45 mins or close to an hour. Anyone any advice.


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Hi GetFitGran - sorry to hear you've got a poorly knee.

A few years ago, I pulled the ligaments in my left leg/ankle really badly (this was in my pre C25K days!) and took myself off to our local Minor Injuries Unit. The nurse there was fantastic and told me to rest, ice and elevate the leg. She said that the ice had to be done twice a day for an hour each time BUT to have the ice on for 1 minute and then off for 1 minute ... nearly drove the family completely potty with the kitchen timer going off each minute!!!!! :) The nurse said she'd been on a course and a senior Consultant had recommended this - I believe it was new advice at the time.

I followed this advice for 3 days and by the end of that weekend I was at least mobile, even though I was hobbling. I also had to elevate my leg as much as possible for the following week, and stop my fitness classes for 6 weeks to allow the ligaments to heal.

Hope this helps!


Ice for around 45 minutes a few times a day, don't apply ice directly to knee wrap ice pack in tea towel, though as ice warms up I generally dispense with the tea towel


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