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Week 3 run 3 in the bag and a bit extra!

Went out in the rain to do the final run of week 3. Found the first 2 intervals quite tough and then kind of got into it! Finished the final run and then had a bit of a walk to get back to the car. So, I thought just see if you can run to the next song that comes up. It was Back in Black AC/DC, awesome to run to! I recommend it! Surprised myself, but hope it doesn't mess the plan up if you do add on bits like that? Fun though!

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Laura says there is always something left in the tank and you just proved it. I think if you feel good why not. I did one run today but am thinking I might do some intervals tonight because it was brilliant. Good luck - be sure to take a rest day to let the muscles recover


Thanks GF, I just keep thinking keep trying while it feels,like you can. It's a bit weird to be enjoying running for me though! Rest days , for sure, I definitely always take them. :)

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Well done. If you feel like running, then long as you observe your rest days and warm down routines. One third of the way through now and those first few minutes are hard for most people, so congratulate yourself on getting through them and have a look back to how far you have come in just a few weeks.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Thanks IT, sticking to the rest days and warm downs and feeling ok, so as you say keep going while it feels right, cheers, T


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