I feel immense!

I was a total anti-runner! I used to very royally take the mick out of my running friend. Anyway I have been swimming regularly for about 12 months and have enjoyed being more active. However I had my eyes lasered so had to stop swimming for four weeks. I decided that I would look at the c25k as a stop gap as I could run after a week of my eyes being done. I started the c25k a week and a few days before I had my eyes done.

It was such hard work to begin with. I liked it immediately though.

Today I did Week 8 Day 1! I ran the quickest I have ever ran and was sprinting at the end. I think I could have gone to 30 minutes with ease to be honest. I absolutely love it!

I can only say to anyone starting out - just keep going. Once you are doing the long runs it really is amazingly good fun!!!!

2 Replies

  • Brilliant! :-) Well done on getting to week eight; graduation awaits you and you will be running for thirty minutes!

    Are you going to continue running once your eyes allow you to swim again?

  • Far more addictive than swiming, I suspect.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

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