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W6r2 done!

Went really Well & im starting to think I'm lucky, don't seam to have had a bad run out yet! (Touch wood) ;-)

Did find I had to tell the voice to get lost a couple of times. You know the one that say's just stop here if you really won't to. When I assessed my self in the run I found I physically felt fine running! It was in my head any way that soon past! And the job was done. Made up to say the least ;-)

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Good? Well done when run 3 is out of the way you can look forward to week 7 which is a tad easier


It's good to hear you've not had a bad run, and fingers crossed it stays that way for you. Sounds like you are really enjoying the programme, and managing to keep that annoying little voice it it's place :)


Ah the head gremlins. I think they are the biggest obstacle :) Good luck with w7 :)


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