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Slight numbness and tingling in legs

So after a few solid runs in Week 8 where I felt really light and strong, my Week 9 runs have been completely different. I'm going at a slower pace as my legs feel tight and heavy, even with extra stretching and an extra days rest between runs.

When I was doing my cool down stretches for Run 2, I noticed that my legs are feeling a bit numb and tingly, especially in the lower legs. I'm taking four days rest inbetween Run 2 and 3, then I'm off for two weeks holiday. Based on how my legs are feeling, I think the break from running will do me good!

Just wondering if others had experienced the same thing type of thing before?

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Hello. There could be a few causes. Are your shoes, socks or laces too tight and restricting the blood circulation in your feet? Are you wearing ankle or foot/ leg supports when running? On a more serious (medical) note, it might be a sign of diabetes or another condition affecting blood circulation. I don't want to sound scary, but if you have been able to eliminate obvious things like the shoes & laces as possible causes, it may be worth seeing your GP?


Tanyag, you're a genius! What a dope I am. It's most likely my socks. Now that you mention it, after my last run I noticed they left an an impression line on my (slightly swollen) calves when I took them off and thought 'Hmmm', but I didn't put two and two together. It's strange, I've been wearing the same socks the whole program and it's only just started to be a problem.

I'll try different socks and see what happens. As you say, it may be the sign of something more serious so I'll be sure to check it out if the symptoms continue.

Thanks! :-)


Bless you. I'm all shy now :-) I hope it's nothing more sinister than that.


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