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Tried the Bluefin B210K podcast today

I have previously run the 4x10 minutes of the first week of B210k podcast -- didn't like the music much. So I tried the Bluefin podcast today -- the music in this one isn't much better but I have come to realise that I cannot run in time to the beat of the music, I just have to "run" and psychologically just have the music in the background of my mind :) I deliberately did this one very slowly - and ran it at a conversational pace with no "heavy breathing" at all. I actually find this harder to do that to go out at a faster pace -- seems to work the legs more , calves and Achilles.

Anyway, I think I will slowly carry on with this B210K programme with the ultimate aim of being able to run 10K non-stop (GASP!! Did I just say run 10K non-stop???? ) I have seen pace calculators that say that the expected run pace for a 10K race is only slightly slower than that for a 5K race -- but there is NO WAY that I would be able to run 10K at anywhere near my fastest 5K pace ( which leaves me basically speechless for 5 minutes after I cross the line.)

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I found that I can't run to music. I never bothered about running to the beat anyway, partly because the pavements I run on have so many dropped kerbs, bins, cars, mess and other obstructions I kept losing the rhythm, and I focused so much on how much longer the song, how many more songs until the end etc., it got too tough and I would stop. The first day I ran 'naked' was a revelation. I had time to think, to look around, to just relax more and concentrate on how I was running.

Running slowly is really hard! I think that eventually we find a speed that suits us, whatever that might be, and to deliberately try to slow that down takes a lot of effort. The way I do it is to drop my arms down to my side so they're not helping - it's amazing the difference it makes!

Best of luck reaching your 10k target Bazza - you will do it!!


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