Granny judes recycled teenager is back !!!

oh my goodness what difference a day makes. Got up determined to run, knew it was raining but got ready and sat drinking coffee until it eased ( it was pouring down at that point ) so right it's eased, mp3 ready , garmin ready , and we are off. A brilliant run, covered 5k, 1/2 in the pouring rain, and feeling so exhilerated and warm and cosy and content , yeppa, all 4, their must be something in this running malarky ! odd though how its hard to actually get out the door but as soon as you come in you want to do it all again ! Thank you everybody for all the support yesterday, overwhelmed

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  • Oh grannyjudes, great to hear you are feeling back on form. Yesterday was just a blip - you know you love it really!

    You go girl!

  • Like NY so good they named it twice, I posted twice !!

  • Sorry, I missed yesterday, but whatever happened, I'm glad to hear you're back on form :-)

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