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Week 2

Morning fellow c25kers! Yesterday I completed session 1 of week 2. Feeling chuffed with myself. I found it really hard but managed all the runs. I usually give up on things but hoping by coming on here I will feel motivated to keep going. I am 48, overweight and trying to get fitter and leaner. Have lost 21lb so far this year but still another 42lb to lose....yikes!

Atm I am running in a local field where they have a track marked out and I run round that on grass. I am hoping once I can run further than I will run round the outside of the field but that seems a bit daunting for now. Does this seem a good idea? It would be good to know where other people were running early on in the programme.

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Well done for sticking with it. Hang on in there and finish this! Make this the one thing you stick to as it will set you up for success at the scales. Once you get into the habit of running every other day you get fitter and want to improve your health so you can keep up running. This will be a good time to clear out the junk in your pantry and replace it with good stuff. Running fuel! Success breeds success, and as you tick off each run you will want to keep up the momentum and will be champing at the bit to go out for your next run

Your marked out sports pitch is fine! Those marked out distances are great. If not yet, they will be in the future when you start doing timed bursts of running. More of that later though. For now it's fine for your C25k runs. If you feel more adventurous you can find local trails (thought you might need trail shoes if they're a bit rough), or you could find some nice, quiet residential streets to run in. I go all over my area and I love finding a new stretch to jog

Slow, steady jog is all you need to get you through the programme

Happy running. Keep us posted!


Hi, I do think the early runs are the hardest. I remember being quite shocked how short a distance I could run in the first week. There is one part of my route which is a straight path about 400 metres long and on the first day when I got there and the voice said it was time to run again I thought oh good this will take me to the end of the path, but a minute was up long before I got to the end and I was so exhausted I really thought I'd never do it. But, yesterday I did week 5 run 1 and I started running way before I got to that path and was still running way past it! Oh boy, did that feel good.

Keep up the good work and you will be amazed at what you can do in a short time.


You've done brilliantly to lose that much weight. It sounds as if you have the determination now to keep to this programme and finish it. You're right about coming on here and keeping motivated, as everyone is so supportive.

Running on grass is great as it's easier on the joints and it sounds as if you already have a route marked out for you. This will make it easier to measure your progress as the weeks go by.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!


Great achievement and well done. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't continue as you are re the field. If it's working for you then stick to it. Good luck :)


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