Couch to 5K

W4R2- Laura Died

Hi all not posted for a while but I have been keeping an eye on the posts every day, as some of you will be aware I started this a while ago and started running early morning in the park with my dog only spent more time sorting him out than listening to poor Laura. Well I invested in a bargain treadmill on ebay and well now I am well into this. I have found it tough but manageable until W4R1 when I got to the 5 minute run at the end sweating profusely and I get " Hello and welcome to Week 5"! no I have not finished week 4 Laura go back so I spent 10 minutes still running mind as promised I would do this trying to get Laura back to me saying " well done slow down start you 5 minute walk", in the end I gave up trying to geyt Laura back and realised I had done it and more.. so today got the whole lot and finished it too.. very happy very proud and still alive too, I also realised I have the running bug as asked what wanted for my birthday soon " running shorts, vests and socks- would love a GPS but that will do nicely"...

So W4R3 on Wednesday and as Laura is back and alive can't wait.. when finished and graduated I will go back to park runs which my pooch cannot wait for...

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Sounds like you have well and truly got the bug. So glad it's going well for you. Happy running.


Laura is a mischievous lady who likes to play tricks on people...

Pooch sounds fun too.... bet he misses running in the park with you!

Happy running.


Oooh poor dog! It's cruel that's what it is! I know what you mean though. Dogs do your head in don't they. They have their own agenda and it never, ever matches ours does it

You have to love em though don't you. Mine has decided to stake a claim on my fitness mat. As soon as I unroll it he plonks himself down on it and starts chewing the corner. Tee hee. He chews my weights too. Hmmmm

Good luck with the rest of the programme!!!!


I started week 4 and Laura had me doing the five min warm up and I thought this is longer than five mins. Had a look and the counter had stopped with 1.37 still to go. I skipped that to start the runs and running was fine. Got to the end and walking to cool down she stopped again with 1.37 still to go. Need to keep an eye on her or she may have me running too long.

I tried running with my dogs. Too many trees to smell my arms were getting pulled all over the place so now I run in the morning early, take kids to school then take the dogs out. It's easier ;)


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