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Electrical (mains powered) cross- trainer/ elliptical advice needed

Hi, I have a motorised treadmill and thought about buying an electric cross-trainer, but first need to know if the mains powered cross trainer works just like my mains powered treadmill, that is when I turn it on the belt starts to move. On a mains powered cross trainer will the pedals start to move by themselves, or will they just sit still? does it still require me, the user to put the effort in to move the pedals? If somebody could explain how an electric cross trainer worked that would be good :) I have used a normal cross-trainer, just wondered what the benefit of mains one is? thanks in advance :)

Here is one I was thinking of buying, but not from argos, lol....

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Hi Madame Pearson, we have an elliptical cross-trainer in our kitchen, Son No.2 has just finished a workout, and Mrs MarkyD prefers it to going outside. For me... it is quite, quite dull, even if I watch The Big Bang Theory at the same time. It is an Octane Fitness Q35c.

The footplates and handle-bars are not moved by electricity - they only move in response to your leg and arm movements. The mains power is used to vary the resistance of the movement (and of course to drive the display showing distance, time, resistance, calories etc). On my machine the resistance is programmable in 20 levels. It is very different to a motorised treadmill, where the belt turns at the programmed speed. Since the resistance is controlled by the machine, it can run pre-set programs of varying resistance. When I tolerate the machine, I tend to use a 'random' setting which gives varying resistance from easy, to quite difficult. It is a bit like running outside, but without the weather, view, smells, other runners, small rodents and fresh air :-)


Thanks, that helped a lot :)


Hi, we have a mains powered cross-trainer but as far as I can tell (and understand it), the electricity just powers the digital display, iPod connectivity and the incline up and down. I don't know if they all work the same way. When you start it, the pedals don't move by themselves, you have to do the work (sadly). My husband bought ours a couple of years ago when he had a bonus - it cost almost £1,000 so has lots of different programmes and settings, I think those are controlled by electricity. Not sure if that helps you or not!


Yes, it does help, thank you :)


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