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Knee-pain-explained . com

My right knee was suffering Friday and Saturday, so I spent quite a bit of time googling to figure out what might have caused it and what I might do about it. In my googling I came across

This is by far the most informative, best written, clearest, most complete (insert many more plus-words here) site I have managed to find about leg muscles in general and their impact on knees in particular. There are explanations, strengthening exercises, stretches, programs, diagrams, words, beginners, intermediate and advanced sections.

Just thought I'd pass the link on in case anyone else wants to know more about their legs and knees.

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Thanks Tomas - I will be sure to check it out (particularly given this injury couch is boring me...) :)


Very informative... it would appear (self diagnosis being a silly idea BTW) that I may have a calf strain.. no running until pain free seems a sensible approach to me! Thanks for the link...


Thanks for the link Tomas. I hope I don't need it, but I always had dodgy knees before I started running, so I have bookmarked it for possible future reference.


Thank you for posting such a useful site. I've had a quick look and I know I will find this very useful - I just need to set aside some time to explore properly. Having recently twisted my knees skiing, I'll be checking out the knee braces!


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