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Another run another PB on a hilly route this time! & a question on nutrition.


I set out on a 10k route knowing I would not be able to run all of it but had a plan to run about 6k then walk / run / jog the remainder. Things started ok as I set a steady pace for the first km, 2k & 3k were a good mix of up and down hill and much to my surprise I found 3k came up under 18 minutes which lead to think about a 5k PB the 4th k was reasonably level and the 5th k was slightly downhill for half then uphill again. The time was 27.40 including my first 1k under 5 minutes. I was absolutely staggered at the time.

I made a mistake at this point I stopped running to enjoy the moment and walked for a short while. When I started up again I could not get going so ended up walking again. Eventually I got going again and managed to run another 2.5k at an average of 6 minutes per K so not to bad.

When I reviewed it all I came to the conclusion I needed an energy boost at the 5 k point, not something I have needed previously but as I am now running harder I imagine I am using more energy which will need replacing.

I would be happy to hear from my more experience running friends out there with any suggestions.

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I am in training for my first hm in Sept and I find on my longer runs (8 miles or so at present) it helps to have a drink and banana half way around - particularly the drink. As the weather has got warmer, I have really noticed the impact at of staying properly hydrated on runs.

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Well done Ray, I have a big problem, I can't take anything while I run not even a little sip of water. This would disturb my whole system. Any ideas guys on what I can do.


I don't eat or drink on 10 k but I don't run in the heat of the day.

I eat my pre run meal to sustain my run so I don't need anything on the way round in the morning it's muesli or porridge

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Same here


Thanks everybody for your comments. I guess I will just have to experiment as I run further. I ran for an hour this evening taking a bottle of fruit squash and some almonds, although I cannot say for sure it helped I was able to keep going without issue.


I always carry water, tho' on longer runs I add a hydration tab. I do err on the side of caution, which comes from my travelling days. I may take something sweet like haribo's or a caramel wafer - ok not healthy, but I do get occssional sudden drops in blood sugar & this works for me. I'm just learning about the whole nutrition for running thing. So I depending on time of day I would have wholemeal toast & peanut butter an hour or so before. It seems to be important to have some easily digestible protein as soon as possible after - chocolate milk seems to be a favourite, I like a smoothie with ground almonds added to it.

But all that aside you do need to be careful how much you incresde your running time/distance by. I think 10% each week is the reccomended amount. I ran my first 10k race a couple of weeks ago and I am only just starting to understand the importance of allowing your body to recover & adapt adequately.

Enjoy your running - don't push yourself too hard :-)

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