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Cows,hills and flies

Week 7 run 2 completed!Actually managed to get up at 5.30(morning!) And went out.Turned right onto my regular route looked up and there were cows crossing ( the discerning reader will have worked out that I do not usually arise at such an hour on a work day)..so had to turn left (huge hill which I was saving until a later date) ahead(drum roll). And then there were flies!!!!!Anyway to cut a long story short I did it and enjoyed it.Just hope I manage to stay awake at work!!!Oh and poor old England:-(

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Whoop whoop! CONGRATULATIONS! So glad you enjoyed it! We don't have hills where I live so having to run up one would kill me! Haha! I've got run3 in the morning! I still can't believe how we are getting on! It wasn't that long ago we were terrified about the prospect of running for a full 5 minutes! :-) Glad you avoided the cows! Good Luck - 7 runs left that's all to graduation! :-)


Cows mean flies so clamp your mouth shut for a few seconds and engage as faster gear to get past em!

Congratulations on another run ticked off


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