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W2R1 revisited

Hi. I restarted at 5:30 this morning. I last ran on April 1st, which was w2r1, but had to stop after the penultimate run, I found it impossible and had thought I would eat it up after a relatively easy week 1 (which was my second attempt at week 1).

In my defence I have to say I have planta facilititis and I had been in agony. I fully intended to go and attempt it again on the second, but then life got in the way in a major way.

So here I am a few months later......recovery from car crash, redundancy, new job and associated stresses all out of the way. I've been thinking about coming back since my foot resettled a few weeks ago, but was worried about restarting, I didn't want to restart week 1 again, so I thought I would restart at week 2. My weight is still improving, so I thought I would tackle it. And you know what, I managed it! I found a nice steady pace, my route is hilly in places, but I managed that too without too much difficulty and I find myself looking forward to week 3 and a bigger challenge.

I managed to finish my run at the park, so did some tricep dips and push ups on the equipment there, then walked home. HAPPY :)

off for a shower and then my last day at work

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Hello, it is so difficult to restart after a break but you did it. I too suffer from PF, you have my utmost sympathy on that one. Good luck on the next run :)


Well done you... And it sounds like you've been through the mill...Keep at it and the running does really help with life's troubles :)


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