Couch to 5K

Week off at W6R2

So far I'd competed upto W2R2. I'm overweight and, as of the start of this program quite unfit.

So far I'd finished every run ok. Found week 6 itself difficult but do-able, even after W5R3.

I've been away, plus put off a couple of runs due to weather and so have left about 8 days since my last run.

In everybody's expert opinion, should I either:

- start week 6 from scratch again

- carry on and do W6R3, 25 min run

- something else - go back further to W5 of other?

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Personally I'd suggest going back to the beginning of W6 because it sounds like you're wavering in confidence a little bit and you/I don't know how much fitness you've lost. I'd hate you to go on to R3 and then feel very negative if you didn't manage to complete it. You know that you can do the first 2 runs of W6, so do them again. Don't expect them to have become magically easier than last time, but don't set yourself up for a bad run by thinking they'll be really difficult either. Just take them slow and steady and I would imagine you'll be fine.

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You could always try w6r3 but drop to intervals if you feel it is a bit much, you might surprise yourself. But if not completing a run will make a negative impact then I would suggest starting back from the beginning of week 6.

Well done on what you have achieved so, good luck for your next run


Hi Victoria! I would suggest starting WK6 again....bit like a clean slate! Remember what Laura says....any run is better than no run at all....I've often had her voice in my mind telling me that!! Good luck and let us know how you get on...


I would strongly recommend you start week six from run 1 again. Alternative of 5 and 8 minutes of running with walking of 3 and 5 minutes in between to start your week would be very manageable. It is also best to listen to your body. I would not recommend you do week 6 run 3 at all at this stage. Good luck


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