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Sore ankle and feeling despondent

On Monday I couldn't believe I'd made it to w7r1. After the run though my ankle started to feel really tender over the outside ball joint and now it has progressed to be sore up front of leg. I'm wondering what's wrong, why it has happened, when I can run again -and how to avoid it happening again if it clears up. I really don't want to take a break - I've been using ice, bandage and a bit of elevation. I'm worried about taking a longer break incase I loose momentum but obviously I don't want to make it worse. I'm wondering if it is a foot strike thing - I definitely don't land on my heel but I'm now wondering if I land on the side of my foot or if it could be a shoe thing - have both run4it and sweatshop near me so thinking of plucking up courage to go in. Feeling hacked off about ankle.

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I had the same experience. i don´t want to scare you, but i was out of action for 2 months. i went to Asics and it made a huge difference, only i went after graduation, I wish I went during week1.Don´t be impatient. wait, just do power walking, when the swelling is gone, start slowly. i did not rest, did the same as you. ice and bandage. started the 10 km program and bang the left ankel. so i am back at week 6 now. shoes! shoes! shoes!


If you are hurt you will have to take your rest day and do the rest, ice, elevation and ibufren and see how it goes. Take the Ibufren before going to bed so your body is at rest or the tablet won't work, your muscles have to be relaxed

It might not be your shoes. It is early on in your running career and these things happen.

What shoes are you running in now?


Thanks misswobble and renette for your replies. I'm wearing nike trainers that were bought a while ago as a sort of multipurpose trainer for aerobics and cycling - not that I did much of that. I notice the edge of the shoe is pressing up onto the ankle joint. Sorry I'm new to this - what is asics? I go routinely to a sports therapist for massage - due next week so she will be able to make suggestions. Just frustrating as I felt I was making progress


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