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I want to just concentrate on getting to 5k in 30 mins , how do I go about it ? Do I run 5k every run & try to get time down or do u run for 30 mins & & try to cover more distance , sorry if I sound thick . Also can I through some longer runs in as well & how often ? Thanks for any help .

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Assuming you're running three times a week.

Run1: 5k steady pace

Run2: 5k Intervals (Warm up, 20 second sprint 90 second recovery, repeat, cool down)

Run3: 6k easy pace (every few weeks increase the distance)

After a few weeks you'll notice your steady paced Run1 getting quicker :)

Rockette in reply to andystev

Thanks andystev , I'll do that .

helclGraduate in reply to andystev

Fantastic. This is what I needed. Looks like a good routine


I found that running with someone else improved my pace a lot (someone who was more experienced and faster!) so try that if you can. I'm back to running on my own now, but have a better feel for what it is to run faster.

I pretty much run every other day, if I can and I run with Cyclemetre and have the voice telling me every 250 metres what my pace is, how far I've run, what my average pace is, so it cuts in to my music and I can find a bit extra in the tank if my pace has dropped.

My music has a lot to do with my pace too - I like a good beat to run to, if it's too slow I struggle.

I'm not running 5k in 30 minutes yet, I'm a 32 kind of girl, but each time I run, I slice a tiny bit off and the goal gets nearer. My run is hilly so I'm pleased with my time, but I also like a challenge ;-)

My top tip is to just keep on going at it. The more you do it, the fitter you get. The hills have been great for my strength and stamina.

I ran my first 6k today as I'm hoping that I will run 5k quicker then! That's the theory anyway.

I do think that varying your route can help too as running the same one all the time can be a bit monotonous and you know what you're going to see. Mind you, that can also be a positive thing as you can set yourself targets on a route you do repetitively.

Good luck!

Thanks , yes I do vary my route , coz it does get same old if I don't , variety is the spice of life , thanks for your reply .


I want to do the same rockette if my ankle ever gets better that is

All us in sheff /n derby area should meet up at parkrun and pull each other round

I fancy clumber mind you as its on a sunday morning

Rockette in reply to misswobble

Yeah that's a good idea , we will have to organise sumat when your ankle gets right . How is it ? Any improvement ? Is it same as last time ?


Hi Rockette, I knocked over 5 minutes off my 5K time by doing intervals and hill work plus throwing in the odd longer run. Mixing up my running helped prevent boredom too. Hill work really helps build up your strength and stamina too. Good luck, its good to have a goal to aim for, helps keep a runner motivated.

Rockette in reply to Oldgirl

Thanks for that old girl .


Hi ROckette. I went running in the pouring rain this afto. Aching a bit but I am walking the dog a lot so not surprised, and I did some yoga too

My ankle is swollen but it's no worse


I found as I started doing the longer runs my 5k improved...I also use Laura's 'speed' as the start of my 5k, then maintain the pace till the end. Its tough but I have somehow managed to get mine down to 27 minutes which I am really pleased with....good luck :)


I'm on 30 minutes and have been for yonks. No sign of it improving but I keep plugging away, when my ankle allows that is. I hope you can crack it too Rockette. If you can I can. Deal?

Hi Rockette, I think as others have suggested variety of runs and a few hills help build stamina and pace. I found focussing on 5k rather than 30mins, knowing it would take extra time, helpful in that fortunately it was only a few runs at that distance before getting it within the 30 mins (just!).


My current best for 5k is 45 minutes. My plan is:

run 1: 30 minutes steady pace, own music

run 2: speed podcast

run 3: distance focused run, gradually working towards 10k (saturday live on podcast)

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