Couch to 5K

W9R1 completed, a tough run in the heat

I just about managed to complete the full 30 minutes this morning. It was really hard work in the heat, by the final 5 minutes I really don't think you could describe it as running, I was barely lifting my feet off the floor! It felt so much harder than my week 8 runs. In week 8 I was able to pause at the end of the podcasts then resume running to complete a 5k route, after 30 minutes today I had absolutely nothing left, maybe next time.

Can't believe that I'll be graduating (for the second time) sometime this week. I started in January so it's taken me a long time but hoping I can keep going this time.

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Well done flowerbox, you did it, despite the heat. I'm tackling this run myself tomorrow and am definitely feeling the fear, given how warm it is. x


I feel the same this week. W9 run 2 today and I felt dead within ten mins. But I chose a route with a few hills. Stupid me. I look like my heads going to explode once I finish!!


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