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Week 7 over!! Finally!!

Battling through stomach infection et al, I finally went back to running after a week or so. Completed the last run of Week 7. Even though I knew I can do it (despite the time gap), this run went really smooth. I lost track of time and it went smooth like butter. However, I realized that I had covered only 3.2 kms or so in the 25 minutes. Did I just go too slow and hence felt like the run was easy? Or was I ok with speed and its just the strength I have developed that made me feel easy through this run?

Would really love some comments!!

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Hi, I only manage between 3.38 and 3.44 km at the moment, but it is getting better with each run, so I'm not too worried. The biggest priority is actually keeping my legs going at the moment. Don't forget that you've had time off and not been well, so that is going to affect things, but well done for getting back and at it. Speed will come later :)


Getting back to running for that length of time after a bout of illness is a victory in itself. Well done on that. It wouldn't surprise me if you are more like your old self in your next couple of runs.

Good luck


Very few people achieve speed and distance at this stage of their running and work on it after they graduate. Just stick with slow and steady and you will be fine. The focus is to build up stamina and be able to run for the 30 minutes in week 9. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


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