Week 6 Run 3 all done and dusted yesterday, now *gulps* it's time for my first 5K charity run tomorrow morning!

So chuffed to hear Laura say that I am finally a runner! W6R3 passed yesterday without much incident, I still can't believe how much my stamina has improved from Week 1!! But.. *drumroll* I have my first charity 5K tomorrow morning in Regent's Park! I'm a bit worried, and my tummy has butterflies, but I know that whilst I'm not expected to have to run the whole 5K, and there will be a lot of people there who are walking, I desperately want to do a good job- I've managed to raise a reasonable amount of sponsorship and I want to run the best I can! I was due to be graduating before this run, but to various unforseen events,I'm only going on to Week 7 now, so worried I won't do a good job or not have the stamina to do the race :/ Thinking that I will run listening to a Week 7 podcast and then see how I feel at the end of that, at least that will mean another 25 mins of running covered, so hopefully not too much more afterwards!

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  • You will be fine just keep on at your normal pace and you will be soooo proud of yourself when you cross the finish line. Enjoy.

  • Congrats on completing w6r3 and good luck for your 5k run. I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • Well done on getting through week six; it's not the most pleasant of weeks at all. Good luck for tomorrow; you'll be fine. Just do what you've been doing and you'll have no problems.

    Oh, and one more thing: enjoy and feel proud! :-) (Okay, technically that's two things. I should have hyphenated it. Meh, the message is clear. :-P )

  • Hi Debs, I'm full of admiration for your sense of commitment! A 5K while you're working through the programme. Hope it's been all you expected....let us know how it went !!

  • We'll done on completing week 6.

    You will be fine for your race, keep it steady and I imagine the adrenaline of the event will get you over the finishing line.

  • Hope it went well. I did my second one yesterday. Slow & steady but didn't walk or stop.

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