Week 8 in the bag!!!!!!

Totally delighted and just wanted to share my news. Just finished my third run of week 8 and feel great. It was a great run and I really enjoyed it. My pace was up from last run( not that this would have been difficult the last run was a pig), my breathing was steady and I felt great. Can't believe that the end is in sight. Three runs till graduation. I'm SSSOOOOO excited!!!!!!!

4 Replies

  • Well done laurae, for very bad run there is a good one to make up for it! Enjoy your graduation runs this week.

  • Well done! :-) The run after an off-run is always worrying but good to hear W8R3 was much better. Three runs left; good luck for graduation week!

  • Yay! Well done, and not long to go now! :)

  • Nearly there! Week 9 will be a cinch! Take it easy though

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