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W7R1 - Wow running in the heat is not fun!

W7R1 ticked off this morning - this is the second time I have reached this stage, having suffered a bad injury back in March resulting in me taking four weeks out and then restarting at the beginning of Week 5. I started my running journey back in the dark damp evenings in February and have to say I think I'm a cold weather runner! Phew it was hot and sunny today, I don't know how you people who run in the warm all the time do it! I crossed the road to find shade at every opportunity but boy was I hot (and I'd already stripped down to the minimum acceptable level of attire). Lots of water consumed and feeling good now, am really starting to believe I will be able to fun the 5k I'm doing for Race For Life on 25 June. I ran 3.8k in 25 minutes so reckon I can get the 5k in about 35 minutes, providing I stay injury free. Feeling good!

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It certainly was a bit warmer today (assuming your UK based) and my 5k this afternoon was the warmest to date. I run in shorts, a tech top and have a running cap to cover the bald sweaty head! Blokes probably have it easier but I suggest it's 'minimum you can get away with' and tech fabrics all the way...

I suspect the more you run in the warm the more you'll get used to it. I have friends doing half marathons in Singapore! I would melt...

Good luck on your next run.. Keep it up.. I've just graduated and achieving 5k is son awesome feeling (regardless of your time!)...

Almost there..


I find it much harder in the warm weather. I try to get out early as I worry If I go out too late It will be too hot and may make my dog ill.



Well done on getting to this stage of the programme - not long now till graduation. I am like mustgetthin and prefer to get out as early as I can when running outdoors ( I do a mix of outdoors and treadmill). Good luck for your race in June


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