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post grad wk 3 still going and quite an interesting week

well quite an adventurous week I started a bridge 2 10 K course. I ran my first 5k and I got my first pair of decent running shoes.

I enjoyed the b210k running. I started off nice and gently with 40mins with intervals of 10 mins run and 2 mins walk then 10 mins run and 1 mins walk and then a gentle 30 mins run to end the week.

Different music and not Laura but still enjoyed it.

First run involved a curious incident with a dog. An owner was out training a young dog and had just let it off its lead for the first time and it chased after me and decided to nip my legs. I was not impressed and 'requested' that the dog owner put the dog back the lead.

Now i quite like dogs, but I do believe that they should be kept under control. I also do not mind them barking around me or runnig around me it was just the nipping at my legs that i really didn't like.

Now I come to think about it I also remember being half scared to death by a dog on a darkish night that I didn't notice until it barked right next to me and made me jump out of my skin.

Apart from this I completed the run successfully and was quite rpoud to have run for 40 mins.

Now the second run I was feel quite relaxed and happy and decided to try and make 5k so i extended my distance on the wagon way and kept running. I was so happy to reach 5k and even though it was a slow time (53mins) inclduing warm up and down I can say that I have done a 5k and it is up as my maximum distance and fastest time (my only time) for 5K in my garmin account.

Now yesterday I decided that I really ought to get get some running shoes. I felt my current ones were not giving me enough support and my legs were taking a bit more of a bashing than they should be so I went to a proper running shop (sweatbox ) and whilst I was a little surpised at the price of the shoes, they did feel very good on and were a lot more cushioned. They also did some gait analysis on my running which did not take long which suggested that I had a neutral gait and should have neutral shoes.

I was tempted to go straight out for a run but decided to wait and wear them in a little. So I waited until today when I leapt out of bed and into action at about 9.00am. It is a geogous day today and I have really enjoyed my run. My legs feel ok not too battered, so will see how it goes. Not as long as run 2 but still over 4k and nice negative splits.

How was everbody else's running week?

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Sounds like its all going really well and giving you lots of interest! I do agree about the dog - I would be furious if one came up and nipped me - I'm afraid I expect dog walkers to hold their dogs close as I run past and , in fairness, most people are courteous enough to do so.

Good luck with extending your distance.


thanks ullyrunner. I think things are gonig well and I agree that most people are couteous with there dogs. My new shoes seems to have worked well my legs are no where near as stiff as they normally are.


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